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Place your mobile camera on the image above and WOW!!

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finding Connection of a different kind


If Media in India was changing bit-by-bit in the 90s, its currently changing by huge leaps! Consider the evidence below:

Multiple TV stations : 2 in 1990 and 275 in 2005

Multiple TV sets in the Household : Predicatable family viewing changing to less predictable individual viewing

Niche Channels : From one mass channel giving all kinds of content to the rise of Specialist content channels

Newspapers sizes : Leaner Newspapers have turned bulkier
Newspaper offerings : Huge Proliferation of speacialist content through Multiple Sections within Newspapers resulting in Segmentation of Reader on the basis of Section/ Topic

Newspaper domination in most Metros : Earlier single newspapers. Now 2 or 3 large players fighting it out segmenting the market

Internet, Multiplexes, SMS, B2B Magazines, Outdoor Media to Out-Of-Home Media, the list of a rapidly changing Media is endless…

In this sort of a situation, what should happen to age-old Business practices? Can the rules of TV Media Planning be sacrosanct in a 30 channel scenario to a 300 channel scenario? How do we compute the effectiveness of all the pieces within a media plan? For Media owners, what does the new complexity mean? The western world had been rocked by consumers time and attention with TV, Newspapers peak and then start waning. Can our Media owners ever cope with that reality that the audience growth or the audience patronising in the form of increasing time spent on their medias could at some stage start declining? What’s happening in the US – the outcry from Advertisers that they will not pay for a ‘mere exposure’ but want to test the real audience interaction, the audience “engagement…more info