There is a need for embedded printing solution, we use multiple gadgets desktop, Laptop, mobile phones, but we are dependent on bulky printers connected to either desktop or laptop on the other side of the room.

Imagine having laser printing solution attached to your LCD monitor. Won’t it be amazing to simply get your quality printouts from the monitor, while you are surfing the internet or watching television and the realty show asking you to take printout of the participation form or working on a important document on the net or on MS office.

The printing solution attached to high quality LCD monitor adjust to the print resolution of the monitor or, an embedded software helps you change the resolution of your print.

It automatically adjust the print size depending on the content to be printed, since it is attached to the LCD monitor both the device interact intelligently to make this feature possible.

What you think? I will be happy if everyone reading this article could add your ideas on how you would use such printing solution if you were given the product to use.