First and foremost the event was grand and very informative and finally Lara is so very gorgeous as always. Please visit the link to see the event for yourself

What is so interesting about Samsung Tab is the commitment by Samsung to make the experience more personalised. Their is no doubt that tablets is the future of computing around the world, because of its versatility and it is used for not just fun things but for productive and purposeful stuff as well. Below we will see how we can make our life and work more interesting.

We all know about all the fun stuff we can do with Samsung Tab, but let’s talk first about all the other interesting stuff, we will call it…

Productive and Purposeful stuff:-

Wireless productivity is very powerful and Samsung has added purposefulness to it by encouraging development of interesting application that bridges this gap. And to showcase this, Samsung along with its partners has created some interesting industry specific applications showcased at the event as an example of what can be achieved by using Samsung Tab and its technology.

a) Parliamentary app – This simple application helps all our “Hardcore Working” MPs become more efficient and be up-to-date on parliamentary sessions. In short it is Productivity tool for them and also helps the Govt to save usage of paper, thus making them greener.

Imagine your local area MLA having Samsung Tab to check on task completed or/and to assign task to its subordinate to address citizen grievances or/and check on any incomplete work in progress in his area.

I can bet Gujarat Govt under Mr. Narandra Modi can make most of such technology. When they can do so much without Samsung Tab, imagine if they had one.

b) Unilever Sales Analytic app – It is interesting to see how FMCG Company like Unilever is finding interesting use of Samsung Tab….everyone at Unilever is using Samsung Mobile phones and Tablets and this is giving them real time insights into the needs of the consumers.

The obvious impact is, Unilever is more efficient and productive than its competitor. For example, they have real time data from their field staff about the stocks that needs shelves…the local shop keeper is happy because he will get his stock on time and when he needs without losing customer and consumers are happy to not travel to other shop due to none availability of particular product.

Such connectivity and mobility not just helps Unilever in delighting its end consumer like you and me, but also helps keep the motivation level of its most important staff “the sales heroes” high, because now they are empowered with technology so they do not have to sweat unnecessarily.

c) Medical app: – I believe medical industry needs this, at-least for the sake of the patients. Imagine doctor having all your medical records to suggest you quick and less expensive treatment, anywhere and anytime.

Likewise Educational productive app is also interesting area. And if you give a thought yourself you will find a usage of Samsung Tab within your own area of business/profession/industry connecting everyone easily, effectively, productively, and purposefully with lots of fun

And other interesting accessory & features you will get with new generation of Samsung Tab

a) Keyboard dock – Just insert your Samsung tab onto this dock and it changes into your personal computer, wirelessly.

b) Wireless connectivity – Select the Song/movie from your Samsung Tab and connect wirelessly to your home music system or television.

c) Amazing display quality and bigger screen, amazing touch interface, amazing speed and multitasking capability.

d) India specific application – Like watch TV on Tab, or/and download music or movie and other rich content app etc…

e) Tab 750 Specification – Pic below

Finally overall it’s a good product in the current market yet seen in India. It’s time to tab!! Visit to learn about the Tab 750 specification in details.

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